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TATTOOED METEOR is an experimental multimedial project spanning somehow between groovebox-based electronoise and psychedelic sci-fi, nature like atmospheric textures of sound layers. This project brings together two sides of my perception of the world around me - the SOUNDS and the PICTURES. Both melted into one piece, which you can hear and look at, transfering what I saw and heard once. But this time in another context - adding something personal to it, something living only inside of me, digged out by the power of inspiration and exposed to others. This is what I call and understand as art, and whether it is succesfull, important, popular or not, I am happy to experience it, to share it, to be part of it.
Let me show you USELESS things AS VALUABLE, ORDINARY AS A TREASURE, THE UNIVERSE AS A MIRACLE. Have a nice time listening and watching. See you somewhere playing live. If you like my stuff, please, join me on Facebook, MySpace and Bandzone.

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23.11.2012 Komarno, Cela

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